#EmMovimento (#InMotion) is a tribute payed by Gabriel Grossi to many of his idols that have made him the musician he is today.
For this project, Gabriel composed diverse songs dedicated to each one of them.
The project began with the DVD “Em Movimento” in April of that year, in Brasília / DF.

“This name means a lot to me as an incessant search of the eternal musical learning and celebrates an important musical movement that is happening in the Brazilian instrumental music scene”, explains Gabriel.

“Em Movimento” is also a reverence for the artists and colleagues of his generation and for the new instrumentalists and composers who have contributed more and with more energy to the instrumental music made in Brazil.
Gabriel shares the stage with Eduardo Farias (piano), André Vasconcellos (bass), Rafael Barata (drums) and Sérgio Coelho (trombone) all incredible musicians who form his quintet.

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art: Antônio Peticov